Which Pillow is Best for Back Pain in India?

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  • 14 Feb 2019
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Change in lifestyle, hectic schedules and lack of exercise have led to health issues and different kinds of pain in the body. Instead of opting for medicines, it is always better to go for orthopedic solutions like for example changing your sleeping position, buying a good pillow that is according to your health needs.

Let us explore which kinds of pillows are best for back pain and quite popular in India:

  • Fiberfill Pillows: These pillows are available at a very low price. The other name for it is Poly-fill. These are produced using chemicals so they are not considered as environment-friendly. They can be found in the best possible price at low prices. Also, these are easy to clean.
  • Feather Pillows: Feather pillows are reasonably inexpensive. However, the quills of the feathers are aligned in a mutual format or lies flat. Even though it is quite cost effective, light weighted but after a certain point of time, it can become quite flat and also not that comfortable to sleep on. Only back and side sleepers should buy it.
  • Buckwheat Pillows: The natural buckwheat pillows are a great choice for many people. These husks are crunchy and hard. They are dust resistant and completely hypo-allergenic. They offer great support and minimize any kind of aches or back pain.

They conform and adapt to the body shape and contours in a perfect manner. Moreover, they promote airflow and enhance breathability. They are very much durable, moldable and malleable. Therefore, many people go for it.

  • Memory Foam Pillows: Memory foam pillows are the best option for those with pain in the back, shoulder pain, cervical. Even people with issues like snorers sleep, shallow sleep, stiff neck and other issues can go for memory foam pillows from a reliable brand like Sleepsia which is quite popular in the US and has now come to India. It is produced using polyurethane and various other chemicals. It is organic and environment-friendly.

Moreover, memory foam pillows do not require regular fluffing or clustering. They offer excellent absolute support and take the shape of the head accordingly. Brands like Sleepsia come in different kinds of shapes for different pillows.

There are pillows with cool gel technology too which make sure that the sleeper is not sweating and completely relaxed while sleeping. They adapt to the body temperature in a wonderful way.

If you are looking for particular pillow for a specific body part like coccyx pillow for tailbone support or shoulder pain pillow or neck pain pillow, then it is best to speak to the Sleepsia experts. They will tell you exactly which pillow is ideal for you according to your health needs.

Moreover, there are numerous safe and cost-friendly options. It is always best to analyze your requirements and health needs before buying any new pillow. Memory foam pillow is the ideal option for anyone experiencing unceasing back pain. Visit Sleepsia to know more about the different varieties.

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