Quickbooks Error QBWC1039: There was a problem adding the application.

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  • 06 Sep 2018
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Why is Error QBWC1039 happening?

The user faces this error while attempting the company file to a third party appliance. It may be the issue with adding the application, so the users are facing the issue on their system.  The Error QBWC1039 could be happening if:

  • It may be the company file moved from its main location.
  • Third party application was improperly erased from the QuickBooks Web Connector.

Resolution for this error QBWC1039:

Resolution: QuickBooks Web Connector reinstallation

Resolution 2:

  • Now the user can install the QBWC tool on their system, double tick on the downloaded file.
  • Complete the installation and choose the launch the QBWC CP3 device.
  • Now reduce the QBWC CP3 device.
Error QBWC1039
Error QBWC1039

Resolution 3: QWC file download from the Desktop Prime Cost Wizard

  • Go into settings and choose the configuration.
  • Develop the import Accounting Data menu and tick on the plus on left side.
  • Develop the menu tree of QuickBooks.
  • Tick on web connector from the setup option.
  • Tick on all three boxes for question 1-3 and then tick on generate QWC file.
  • Download the window file for a setupwcexport.qwc tick on save.
  • Save the file on their desirable place and the user can search the file with a simple step.

Resolution 4: The file stamp removal tool needs to run

  • Run the QuickBooks and open the correct company file.
  • Now the user can create the Quickbooks backup file of a company file.
  • Select the QBWC CP3T and tick on the taskbar.
  • Tick on the choose file and locate the setup export.qwc file that they saved.
  • Tick on the removal stamp.
  • Tick on Yes in the application and tick on done after confirmation message.
  • Tick on ok on the message asking them to create a backup.
  • Shutdown the QBWC CP3 tool.

Resolution 5 PCW web service reinstalls

  • Go into a web connector and tick on an application.
  • Browse the setuppwcexport#.qwc file and they need to save previously.
  • Choose the file and tick on open.
  • In the web, Connector enters the password.
  • Go into setting and select configuration and develop the import Quickbooks accounting data menu by ticking plus on left.
  • Develop the QuickBooks from the menu tree.
  • Tick on the create password.
  • Tick on yes and save the password.
  • Sync the web connector.

Important Note: If the user has numerous company file on the same system, they will require repeating the method for each company file.

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