Pros and Cons Of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Let’s start with a simple comparison between the QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop. Usually, we can’t compare these two products, as they are totally different products and they are fit for the different requirements too.

You can follow that up with ‘analyze the client’s needs first, then decide which tool is the best one to solve the situation’. If you think about it, then these are the conflicting statements. So, just ‘Don’t compare’ but then ‘choose between them’ – Besides that, how can you choose if you don’t compare them.

There’s no problem when someone lists the features & functions of these two products, and then using that to select the right product to use. QuickBooks Online is not a copy of QuickBooksDesktop which has been web-enabled.

They are different products with the totally different database structures and approaches in solving problems, and both were developed in-house by Intuit inc.

QuickBooks Support

Now Let’s start Comparing

So here we’ll have a look at what these two products share, and how they are different. Basically, this is not a comprehensive list of every feature – but it is a start.

Before we jump in, here are some of the important points:

  • Whenever we refer to QuickBooksDesktop, so we are just talking about the Windows version, not the Mac version.
  • In all cases, we refer to the US versions of the products. (for hosted QuickBooksas well).
  • Both the products have a number of add-on options which are available from the third party vendors. You can note that at this time QuickBooksDesktophas more add-on products than the QuickBooks Online, but that are also changing rapidly.
  • Here, we are not talking about the features that are found in the optional Advanced Inventory feature of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. We can consider this to be the same as an add-on product, as it is only available for the significant additional fees.
  • To try to keep it simple, we are not going to get into all the variations that we see with the QuickBooks. We are not getting into the differences between the various versions of QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise. The matrix can be really complicated, with some of the features that are found in Enterprise but not in Premier, or found only in Accountant (which is a Premier level) but in all the Enterprise versions. We are here to trying to simplify things a bit

Here are the  important features that are found in QuickBooks Desktop but not in QuickBooks Online:

  • Remote access – You can do this with QuickBooks Desktop also but you need an additional software product or you can use QuickBooks Hosting service as well.
  • Auto Send Reports – Reports can be scheduled to send automatically
  • Automatic upgrades – With QuickBooks Online you are almost always running the most up-to-date version (whether you want or not)
  • Company Scorecard
  • Delayed charges/billing – Can enter the charges to be billed later
  • Income list/transaction center
  • Invoice automation – Will automatically create invoice from unbilled activity
  • More than one A/R or A/P account per journal entry
  • FIFO Inventory valuation (Also available in QuickBooksEnterprisebut only with the additional fees Advanced Inventory feature).
  • Location tracking – A secondary level of class tracking (In QuickBooks Online Plus only).

We hope that this serves as a starting point for understanding the differences between the QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. You just need to understand both the products if you are going to make a good decision about which product to use or recommend.

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How to Stop QuickBooks from Accessing the Internet?

QuickBooks which is one of the most used accounting sites for managing the accounts of the businesses both in small and mid organizations. Most of its functions, consisting have access to some new online sites or for downloading tax tables, in such situation QuickBooks automatically connect to the Internet whenever they feel the requirement. But in case, you don’t want the interference of internet connection while working on QuickBooks.

Then you can prevent the connection by asking QuickBooks to disconnect the access by using few steps and changing the settings of the QuickBooks. However, there is still some major internal function which keeps on working with the product despite all these setting in QuickBooks. To avoid QuickBooks accessing to the network, turn off the network connection while working on QuickBooks.

“You can also get the technical assistance from QuickBooks support to avoid the Internet cooperation.”

Resolution to Stop QuickBooks from accessing to Internet

Solution I:

  • Start the QuickBooks program and login yourself as a user with enough permission to modify the inclinations and settings of your computer.
  • Press ‘Help’> and then choose the ‘Internet connection setup ‘> Tick Mark on the message‘I do not have an Internet connection.’ >Press ‘OK.’
  • Close-up the program totally, and then restart again and login yourself as an executive user. Press ‘Help,
  • Click to ‘Upgrade QuickBooks to latest version’ alternative. Verify whether there is an error message that says ‘it can’t access the Internet.’

However, if you’re still incapable of changing the QuickBooks settings and still internet connection is interference is disturbing you while working, then follow the next solution.

Solution II:

  • Start QuickBooks.
  •  Press “Help” in the menu
  • Choose “Internet connection set-up.” From the list
  • Choose “I do not have an Internet connection.” Text and  Press OK.”
  • It will take a few minutes to complete your request, you can then close-up the program and Restart again to the program.
  • After the above steps are done, QuickBooks will not access the Internet.

Solution III: Disabled the Internet Connection

  • Press Windows Orb to start the menu and select “Control Panel” > Press “Network and Internet” > “then Network and Sharing Center” >“Change adapter settings”.
  • Position the active network connection like “Local Area Connection” > Press the icon to draw attention to the connection > Press right click the mouse button and select “Status”. Make sure that there is significant within the “Sent” and “Receive”.
  • Press the “Disable” Button to prevent QuickBooks from a network connection
  • Facilitate the connection of network if you are done using QuickBooks. Press in the right click of a mouse at the icon of network connection and select “Enable”
QuickBooks Support

Additional support for QuickBooks through “”

Hope the above information and techniques proved valuable to you and have cleared all your queries and doubt regarding, Stopping QuickBooks from Accessing the Internet but in case you still have doubt and want to know more you can connect with our Skilled and experienced
technical member.

We are a handful of customer support mediator who offers the best services
for your QuickBooks software at a very limited time. They also analyze all your issues and provide perfect solution accordingly. To connect with our technical personals you can try various means of communication channel like, you can directly call at our helpline number +1800-865-4183  which is available for you 24×7 either you can drop a mail at our official mail“, also you can connect via Intuit Online Chat for QuickBooks.


How To Record A Vehicle Purchase In QuickBooks?

In business, there are different categories of assets and each item that is purchased for the business falls under any of these categories, a vehicle would be under the fixed assets and this article will give step by step instructions on how to record a vehicle purchase in QuickBooks.

Steps on how to record purchase of a vehicle in QuickBooks:

How to record vehicle purchase in QuickBooks-min

  1. Open the QuickBooks and then the company under which you want to record the asset.
  2. Go to the section Home, press Ctrl-A to open the chart of accounts and then for a new account press ctrl-N.
  3. Once that is done a new window will open with the title ‘add new account’
  4. Beside the Account Type select ‘Fixed Account’.
  5. For the Account Name give name of the vehicle you bought.
  6. Next click on ‘Save & Close’.
  7. This will open another window with ‘Chart of Accounts’.
  8. Press Ctrl-N once again so that the liability account can be opened for loan and choose the loan type.
  9. Once again the Add Account window will open select the type of loan, e.g. ‘Short Term Liability’ or ‘Long Term Liability’ from the drop down menu.
  10. Next type the name of the loan, e.g. Vehicle Loan beside the ‘Account Name’.
  11. Next click on ‘Save & Close’
  12. Furthermore, it is possible for you to add two additional accounts, such as a sub account for depreciation of the asset and another sub account that is for the loan interest.

Two ways to record your purchase:

  • The easiest is doing a journal entry, mainly if financing is there. Debits and the credits can be entered into the journal manually.
  • Many people might not be comfortable with doing the manual input of debits and credits then to do the accounting you can use the forms that are available in QuickBooks. However you might not want to use it in case it is being financed and funded simultaneously with the purchase and online banking is being used.  As there will be transaction that might not reflect on the bank statement.

Journal Entry to Record the Vehicle Purchase

  1. Open the company page tab and from the menu select ‘Make General Journal Entries
  2. Under the Account add the vehicle name and write under the memo as Vehicle purchase.
  3. Under the Account once again type ‘Vehicle Loan’ if required and type under the Memo section again.
  4. Next under the Account, write the name of the bank to record the down payment.
  5. Next under the Debit section write the purchase price of the vehicle
  6. Next under the Credit section write the amount that has been loaned by you beside the vehicle loan category.
  7. Put the down payment amount for the Bank under the credit section beside the name of the bank.
  8. Then save & close.
  9. Next you can generate the balance sheet from clicking on the Reports Menu and select ‘Company & Finance’ and then click on Balance Sheet Standard.
  10. This will then open a new window showing the purchase details.

Entry Through Forms

  • Open the QuickBooks Company page, and click on record Deposits.
  • A new vendor needs to be added and then put the name for which the loan and then the memo and the loan amount. Then Click and Save
  • To Purchase the vehicle, click and open “write a cheque”. Add a vendor, name the vehicle under the Account and the purchase price. Then save it.
  • Generate the Balance Sheet again and it will show the record of the purchase.

 AskforAccounting Helpdesk:

Get in touch with us at 1800-865-4183.

If you come across any issue regarding a vehicle purchase in QuickBooks, then feel free to get in touch with the AskforAccounting QuickBooks payroll support providers at their tollfree number.

A QuickBooks Resolution Problem. Now you can fix it in 6 easy steps

While opening QuickBooks, you may face certain errors/issues due to unoptimized screen settings. There is one such error that is causing problem within the system and that is “QuickBooks Resolution Problem”.

Follow the steps to fix your QuickBooks unrecoverable error.

  • The icons and the font size of the homepage is either very small or it is too big to carry the setup.
  • Transaction forms and reports do not fit to the screen.
  • The icons on the top right corner of the screen do not appear on the screen.
  • Hide or overwrites the tables.
  • Missing Switch or Buttons.
  • Screen distortion after maximizing or minimizing it.
  • Truncated invoices of cutoff paid status.
  • Blank Home Page.

How to fix QuickBooks Resolution Problem with ease?

QuickBooks Resolution Problem

  • Go to QuickBooks Icon and right click on it.
  • Now, click on Properties.
  • Now, go to the compatibility tab and then in DPI settings, click on Disable display scaling.
  • Here, click on apply and then click on OK.
  • Now, open QuickBooks and check whether Homepage is visible on the screen with all tools and features or not.

Change View Preference of the Desktop

  • Open any company file and go to the Edit Menu.
  • Now, click on Preferences –> Desktop View –> My Preferences.
  • Switch views from One Windows to Multiple Windows.

How to Edit Screen Resolution of your System?

For Windows 10

  • On your Desktop, right-click and click on Display Settings.
  • Now, in the left pane, click on Display and then select Advanced Display Settings.
  • From the options, click on the display you want to edit (if you have more than one display with your computer)
  • Now, click on the screen resolution to minimum of 1024 x 768 or higher and then select Apply.
  • Now, select Keep Changes.

Point to be noted: There is a timer of 15 seconds run on the screen. You shall have that time to either keep changes or reset the window automatically. This will take your settings to the previously automated settings.

Windows 7/8/8.1

  • Right-click on the Desktop and click on the Screen Resolution.
  • Now, go to the drop-down menu of screen resolution and select the resolution to 1024 x 768 or higher.
  • Now, select OK button.

Point to be noted: QuickBooks doesn’t support screen resolution lower than 1024 X 768.

To avail our service: We have made available various connectivity channels through which you can get in touch with us at any point of time. Call us on our Customer Support Toll-Free Number 1800-865-4183 and we will revert you with all information. You can also connect with us via Live Chat Support as per your time convenience. Live Chat Support is available on our website. You can also send us query on our official e-mail address and we will revert you with respective resolution and reply.

How to use Quickbooks enterprise? Is there any support provided in Canada?

QuickBooks Enterprise programming is an extraordinary software that is ready for you to use to maintain your books of accounts. The program is designed in a way that it can be used by any business possible, be it a:

  • Developer or a real estate property,
  • A small sized entrepreneur,
  • Loan contractor,
  • B2B businesses or even B2B business etc.

What’s in there in QuickBooks enterprise 2018?

QuickBooks enterprise helps you ease up your work in many different ways. It helps you not only with the reporting task but things get really easy on the tracking aspect. If you have the physical inventory with you then tracking may be the biggest issue with you.

Though data can also be maintained in excel but it would require fft setup in excel program of microsoft. But the issue with excel is that it requires loads of manual data entry stuff which would ultimately increase your labour working hours. Thus QuickBooks will always be the best solution as you would just need to import your data directly in QuickBooks then your Excel.

But all gets sorted with QuickBooks Enterprise. The program can be easily coordinated and integrated with other third party applications all this easy. If you want to know more about how integration is done then read out this post.

QB enterprise is also very helpful because it helps you send various attachments over QB messenger. Other things that can be attached include:

  • Estimation,
  • Proposal,
  • Receipt etc.

Not only QB messenger is the service you can take advantage of but there is one add on feature that is point of sale that can help you with all the tracking. If you don’t know how you can do that all with ease then QuickBooks POS telephone support is for you.

Various features of QuickBooks enterprise program for Canadians:

  • Void Entries: This is one of the most awesome features that help you with deleting all the reports that are no longer needed. This may include reports like your old invoices or bounced checks.
  • Bookkeeper Tools: Whatever you need to manage your business is readily available at QuickBooks Enterprise accounting platform. Some of the tools include:
    • Bulk transactions recording,
    • Automatic Reviewing Entries,
    • Customer Data detail analysis,
    • Discount Invoicing system.
  • Bill Tracker: This component was presented at the end of 2013 and has been received very well. The feature is very much similar to the income tracker that used to come in older QuickBooks versions. It allows you to vouch over your vendor related entries.
  • Mass Clear Send Forms: If you have too much to send then you can easily save your both time and money by making use of this feature. Just click on the send all button and you will all be sorted.
  • Auto Copy Ship-To Address: This is an extremely supportive element for organizations. As it enables clients to change over deals request to Purchase orders with DROP SHIP include.

Though there are many different features and many features have even been customized specially for the user in Canada that you can make use of but it is very important for you to understand that Quickbooks be it any version is a tedious platform. You cannot master that of your own. Thus if you need help with operating the software then you should get the help.  You can dial QuickBooks Canada Support at 1800-940-7442.

QuickBooks POS support for instant help in United States.

We are here to cover another topic which is again related to QuickBooks. You may be asking that we only talk about QuickBooks and things that surround this very program. Well, this is because we need to make sure that you get QuickBooks POS support as when you require.

QuickBooks is a highly acclaimed software that takes care of everything but in a digital format.

Here is what you all need to know about this accounting program. Check out this video below to understand the concept behind QuickBooks.

What is QuickBooks POS?

This article is not all about QuickBooks and its functionality or how you can make your life simpler, but today we are going to talk about QuickBooks POS.

Before we can proceed to know what QuickBooks POS is, it is really important to understand what is actually meant by point of sale.

POS softwares, came into existence because it was really getting difficult for people to manage their inventory. As people were following different styles of methods, be it lifo or fifo, they weren’t getting to know what inventory came when and do we need to reorder.

This is when QuickBooks POS were introduced. They are one of a kind software that takes care of everything be it related to

  • The method you are following,
  • Tracking your softwares or,
  • Managing your inventory to give good user experience.

How to use QuickBooks Point of sale to manage your stock?

Just like QuickBooks the POS software from Intuit is also not an easy Program. It demands training before you can use the program as per your convenience.

The Point of sale systems comes coupled with hardware. They appear just as displayed in the picture below:

As you can see by yourself that QuickBooks is not only bulky but is also tedious to understand. The reports functionality and the kind of errors it throws such as Quickbooks POS error 176103. and Point of sale error 176109 is beyond the understanding of people who are just starting to the user.

Get Support:

Since it is difficult to understand any program especially Point of sales from QuickBooks, thus Intuit started throwing certifications. Any person who qualifies Quickbooks proadvisor program becomes eligible to not only use the software but to provide support services.

The Agency called Myqbpos is one of the technical support agencies that takes care of people using point of sale. If you are using the program and looking for help as you don’t know how to use the program yourself then you can ask for QuickBooks pos support and get instant help.


Quickbooks error QBDBMGRN. What is the easy fix to rectify this error.

There is no specific reason why you see errors like Quickbooks 6000 or H202 or any other error that might occur. It totally depends on your usage of QuickBooks and the stage you are in.

There are many types of errors that you might face while working in Quickbooks and the number of these errors is not limited at all. In fact it is said that there are in total 300 types of different errors that you encounter while working on the software.

Though QuickBooks is a standalone software, it is not at all free from bugs. You continue to face the error. It is not like that you keep on getting the error just by itself or Quickbooks is having trouble continue with your company file. But these errors indicate that you are not doing something right.

Here is an example of one of error that people usually find issues with. There is one error called H202. This arises when you as a Quickbooks user using the program in a single user mode and is trying to access the company file in a multi-user format, then you are bound to face an issue. This issue at this time would be Quickbooks H202.

The above error signifies that there wasn’t any kind of fault within your accounting software but you used the program in a way it wasn’t supposed to be used. The same is the fault with Quickbooks error code Qbdbmgrn.

What is Error Code Qbdbmgrn?

If you ever need to use your Quickbooks account with a third party then you would need to have Qbdbmgrn.exe file. If you try to share the file without making use of .exe executable file then you will see an error like QBDBMGRN. This is one crucial error that is not at all fatal but needs to be fixed if you want to share your account with your preferred user.

You can easily fix the error through the use of Quickbooks file doctor software. This software will diagnose for any issues and will suggest you for the possible solution. Try following the steps provided in the software and you will be able to fix your issue.

If you find that Qbdbmgrn not running then there can be some serious problem. Try fix you issue through calling Intuit support team.

If you are interested in reading out about the other errors like the invoice sequencing error then you can check out this video:

Quickbooks professionals the only problem solver

Quickbooks professionals the only problem solver

You might have heard about the Accounting program called Quickbooks, now today we would like to share some of our thoughts on Quickbooks professionals.

The Company is basically all about connecting Quickbooks proadvisors with Quickbooks users. If at any point in time you ever feel like that you are facing a problem or want an immediate help related to your issues in accounting then you can directly reach out to these very proadvisors. To call or chat with them, just dial Quickbooks proadvisor support phone number at 1844-871-6290.

Here is what you need to know about the company:

Though, I am a personal blog writer and likes to keep everything in front of my viewers, thus talking about the company services I personally liked. It was just only yesterday when I was doing my accounting on Quickbooks then found that I was hit by a Quickbooks bug called Error H303. I was facing a lot of issues in getting rid of the error. I then simply just head over to my Internet and Googled the best Quickbooks proadvisor for support, and almost instantly I was given the list of sites where I can get all the info related to Quickbooks proadvisor.

Though no doubt, I found a lot of numbers. I started to call all of them one by one. Though it wasn’t at all an easy task and many people even without providing any solution started asking for money (which I didn’t like at all), thus continued calling.

It was only after half an hour that I came across to a site called wherein I talked to a real proadvisors. I must say the people out there were very polite and helped me out almost instantly. What I liked the most that they didn’t even bother about money, In fact, they didn’t even ask for money in the first place. They just heard my query and offered me a solution. Though I didn’t purchase their services at the time but later found that I really need their help as I am a regular Quickbooks user. Thus I called them up again and became their prime member.

Point of sale.

There is one more thing I need to clarify to people who are using Quickbooks. There is a very good platform for users who are running physical shops. If you are managing and maintaining inventory for yourself and often deal with your customers then there can be no better deal that QuicKbooks POS.

Point of sale is a revolutionary product offered by intuit and it comes bundled with both hardware and software. You would need to work with both inorder to function them properly. Though they are bulky but they are the best you can have at the same time. Not many people know about Point of sale software and hardware’s by QuickBooks thus not many people know how to run them. Thus the best deal for you would be to get help for your POS.

How to use Quickbooks POS?

We have recently started using the platform and we must say that we are extremely satisfied. Though at first it was extremely daunting of what we gonna do about it, as they look really heavy. But when we started using it then we found that we are actually saving time in the process. Which was a huge benefit for us. Though we are not pro in the game thus when we looked for QuickBooks professionals for help then only one company came in and that is

If you believe us then they are the best in what they do. Though they are the small team of members, taking care of thousands of queries every single day but they really know how to manage that. Thus we highly recommend that if you want to use POS support to manage your own business then get in touch with experts from MyQBpos.

They are one of the best in not only managing retail businesses but can help you make profitable as well.

The kind of accounts I am managing, I find it a lot helpful to get professional services and what better than Quickbooks Professionals themselves.

How you can track your finances. Now you can do that easily

How you can track your finances.

Financing and keeping track of your money is of prime importance to anyone. It is only on the basis of these finances that your status is defined of how rich and how below the line you are. Though it is very easy to earn money but probably difficult to keep track of each and every single thing. Though there are many ways you can track your penny and financial health of your business. But if you want to be serious about improving your money matters then you would have to make use of either some finance tracking apps or some good accounting softwares. Though both will suffice or even single app will solve your problem but if you are going with the free version of them then they will limit your features. And if you want to go with the paid version then though they are really inexpensive but they are not capable of making tracking every aspect your business. Thus you would need some professional application that after that you wouldn’t want anything else. There here is the complete list of if your finance tracking apps that will make your life easier:


This is by far the best tracking and account management app that is also a complete solution to trace all your financing needs. Quickbooks can take care of of every single thing and that too at a very professional level. Though it is a bit expensive accounting software but is worth every single penny. If you are new to the program then you should take a look at This particular website is completely meant and based on how to use QuickBooks. If you have any query related to the application then you can always reach out to them at their Quickbooks Canada Support number @1800-940-7442 which works 24/7. Though they are based in Canada you can call them from any part of the world.

This is another great app to take care of your finances. It comes in both freemium and premium version. What I personally think is that you can the paid version is really costly. I even tried that app before I was collecting data for this post. As compared to the features that are being provided by the app, the cost is really expensive. Though it is good if you are tracking finances of your business but the more complex you get the more tedious it will be to manage your account in Bill guard.

Dollar Bird:

The app is available for both android and iOS. The best thing about the app is that it is completely free app and you get the privilege of using all the features in the app without paying any cost. People behind dollar bird have come out with the idea because they wanted an easy way of recording their expenses. Every person cannot memorize each and everything they did the entire day thus the idea of dollar bird came out.

Good Budget:

Though the app is available free for a limited time the paid version is also not that expensive. With just $45 and year, is something really cheap deal that you are getting. I totally agree with the name given to an app. This is really a good budget app that is making all your finances really strong.

Other apps and programs that you can make use of are:

  • Fudget
  • Learn Vest
  • Level Money
  • Mint
  • Mvelopes
  • Penny
  • Personal Capital
  • Wally
  • Wallaby etc