How you can track your finances. Now you can do that easily

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  • 07 Jul 2017
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How you can track your finances.

Financing and keeping track of your money is of prime importance to anyone. It is only on the basis of these finances that your status is defined of how rich and how below the line you are. Though it is very easy to earn money but probably difficult to keep track of each and every single thing. Though there are many ways you can track your penny and financial health of your business. But if you want to be serious about improving your money matters then you would have to make use of either some finance tracking apps or some good accounting softwares. Though both will suffice or even single app will solve your problem but if you are going with the free version of them then they will limit your features. And if you want to go with the paid version then though they are really inexpensive but they are not capable of making tracking every aspect your business. Thus you would need some professional application that after that you wouldn’t want anything else. There here is the complete list of if your finance tracking apps that will make your life easier:


This is by far the best tracking and account management app that is also a complete solution to trace all your financing needs. Quickbooks can take care of of every single thing and that too at a very professional level. Though it is a bit expensive accounting software but is worth every single penny. If you are new to the program then you should take a look at This particular website is completely meant and based on how to use QuickBooks. If you have any query related to the application then you can always reach out to them at their Quickbooks Canada Support number @1800-940-7442 which works 24/7. Though they are based in Canada you can call them from any part of the world.

This is another great app to take care of your finances. It comes in both freemium and premium version. What I personally think is that you can the paid version is really costly. I even tried that app before I was collecting data for this post. As compared to the features that are being provided by the app, the cost is really expensive. Though it is good if you are tracking finances of your business but the more complex you get the more tedious it will be to manage your account in Bill guard.

Dollar Bird:

The app is available for both android and iOS. The best thing about the app is that it is completely free app and you get the privilege of using all the features in the app without paying any cost. People behind dollar bird have come out with the idea because they wanted an easy way of recording their expenses. Every person cannot memorize each and everything they did the entire day thus the idea of dollar bird came out.

Good Budget:

Though the app is available free for a limited time the paid version is also not that expensive. With just $45 and year, is something really cheap deal that you are getting. I totally agree with the name given to an app. This is really a good budget app that is making all your finances really strong.

Other apps and programs that you can make use of are:

  • Fudget
  • Learn Vest
  • Level Money
  • Mint
  • Mvelopes
  • Penny
  • Personal Capital
  • Wally
  • Wallaby etc

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