How to Stop QuickBooks from Accessing the Internet?

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  • 20 Aug 2018
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QuickBooks which is one of the most used accounting sites for managing the accounts of the businesses both in small and mid organizations. Most of its functions, consisting have access to some new online sites or for downloading tax tables, in such situation QuickBooks automatically connect to the Internet whenever they feel the requirement. But in case, you don’t want the interference of internet connection while working on QuickBooks.

Then you can prevent the connection by asking QuickBooks to disconnect the access by using few steps and changing the settings of the QuickBooks. However, there is still some major internal function which keeps on working with the product despite all these setting in QuickBooks. To avoid QuickBooks accessing to the network, turn off the network connection while working on QuickBooks.

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Resolution to Stop QuickBooks from accessing to Internet

Solution I:

  • Start the QuickBooks program and login yourself as a user with enough permission to modify the inclinations and settings of your computer.
  • Press ‘Help’> and then choose the ‘Internet connection setup ‘> Tick Mark on the message‘I do not have an Internet connection.’ >Press ‘OK.’
  • Close-up the program totally, and then restart again and login yourself as an executive user. Press ‘Help,
  • Click to ‘Upgrade QuickBooks to latest version’ alternative. Verify whether there is an error message that says ‘it can’t access the Internet.’

However, if you’re still incapable of changing the QuickBooks settings and still internet connection is interference is disturbing you while working, then follow the next solution.

Solution II:

  • Start QuickBooks.
  •  Press “Help” in the menu
  • Choose “Internet connection set-up.” From the list
  • Choose “I do not have an Internet connection.” Text and  Press OK.”
  • It will take a few minutes to complete your request, you can then close-up the program and Restart again to the program.
  • After the above steps are done, QuickBooks will not access the Internet.

Solution III: Disabled the Internet Connection

  • Press Windows Orb to start the menu and select “Control Panel” > Press “Network and Internet” > “then Network and Sharing Center” >“Change adapter settings”.
  • Position the active network connection like “Local Area Connection” > Press the icon to draw attention to the connection > Press right click the mouse button and select “Status”. Make sure that there is significant within the “Sent” and “Receive”.
  • Press the “Disable” Button to prevent QuickBooks from a network connection
  • Facilitate the connection of network if you are done using QuickBooks. Press in the right click of a mouse at the icon of network connection and select “Enable”
QuickBooks Support

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