How to Give a Customer a Refund Check in QuickBooks

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  • 29 Aug 2018
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Having your own business and maintaining it can be quite fun. But while enjoying the profit and growth of your business, you might also experience some unpleasant situation, especially, when it comes to refunding process.

Refund issue is something that all business despises. In most case, the issue means that a customer was not satisfied with a product that was sold. It can also cause a headache to correctly document, and repay that customer so that your QuickBooks file produces the transactions correctly.

How to Give a Customer a Refund Check in QuickBooks?

How to Give a Customer a Refund Check in QuickBooks
How to Give a Customer a Refund Check in QuickBooks

Issuing a refund check is quite simple. When a product is returned, make use of the Create Credit Memos/Refund transaction, also when you like to maintain a credit record for any future purchase.

Follow the steps to give your customer a Refund Check in QuickBooks:

  1. Go to Home Page and press Customers The Customer Center will open.
  2. View the Customers and Jobs list and scroll through the list.
  3. On the right, double-click your mouse on the listed invoice.
  4. On the ribbon toolbar, view the Main tab, and click on Refund/Credit. QuickBooks will duplicate the invoices from the real invoice so that the credit memo is created.
  5. Examine the lines on the credit memo that is just created. While working with your individual data, it is better to take out the individual lines in order to consent with the returned products.
  6. After you have examined the lines, select Save and Close. A message box will appear on the screen.
  7. From the given options, mark on the “Apply to an Invoice”
  8. A dialogue boxApply Credit to Invoiceswill be present to you. If needed, you can make the necessary changes regarding the applied invoices and the amount of the credit.
  9. When everything is set correctly, click on Done
  10. When you are back to the Create Invoices dialogue box, click on Save and Close to end the activity. If you want to create new memo click on Save and New.

Follow the given steps to print the Refund Checks in QuickBooks:

  1. Go to the File Menu, and click on Print Forms and select Checks.
  2. Check-mark the column next to each check which you desire to print out.
  3. After you have selected click on the OK
  4. Go to the Setting, now under the Printer Name, drop-down and select the printer that you are going to use.
  5. From the Check, Style section click on Standard and press Print

If you are unable to furnish a refund check to your customer by following the given steps, kindly call us in our Technical Support Number 1800-865-4183, or send us a mail stating your problem at. You can even contact us via Live Chat Support System on our website. Our team of expert will be delighted to offer our best services to you.

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